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After experiencing workplace discrimination, it’s hard to know who you can trust. Some small firms may not have the resources to take on your case, while many large firms may treat you like just another file.

Green & Wilmot, PLLC, is different and offers the best of both worlds. Our attorneys learned their craft at larger firms but decided to open a smaller practice in order to offer more direct client service and personalized attention. We give you and your case the attention and experience needed for a successful resolution.

Discrimination Takes Many Forms

Workers in Washington benefit from numerous protections under federal laws (enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), and even more protections under state laws (enforced by the Washington State Human Rights Commission). You may have a cause of action if you have faced hiring or workplace discrimination based on any of these protected categories:

  • Race, color or national origin
  • Gender or gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age (for those over 40)
  • Physical disability (including the use of a service animal)
  • Mental illness
  • Religious practices or beliefs
  • Pregnancy (including related medical conditions, breastfeeding and childbirth)
  • Marital status
  • The contraction certain diseases, including HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C
  • Military veteran status
  • Citizenship status
  • Genetic information
  • Status as a victim of domestic violence

Washington’s anti-discrimination laws are more comprehensive than federal statutes and more likely to be interpreted broadly. They also apply to workplaces with fewer employees than required by federal law. This gives Washington employees numerous advantages compared to workers in states with more conservative protections.

Proving Your Discrimination Claims

It is difficult to prove motive or intention in any isolated event, which is one reason why many discrimination victims are initially hesitant to come forward. Therefore, it’s important to establish a pattern of discriminatory behavior based on detailed notes of interactions, testimony from other employees, emails/voice mails, performance reviews and any other evidence beyond the direct testimony of the employee or the employer.

It takes time and effort to build a case, which is why it’s helpful to contact an attorney sooner rather than later. The sooner we are brought in to advise on your case, the more helpful we can be.

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